Have you updated your election style?

Its the dawn of new digital age of democracy. An age in which digital marketing styles are gaining more preference than traditional marketing styles. Corporates, Brands, Celebrities, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Volunteers, Social workers and others use this effective medium to their advantage,

This digital medium allows you to reach to your beloved voters/vote bank directly on their phone or any other devices.

Are you using this effective medium yet to reach out ?

You might be doing enormous amount of good work for the people in your dept/area/ward/district/state/country; but most of the time your work updates/status doesn't reach the right audience at the right time. Its effectiveness is lost in this age of information overload, hence creating your digital identity thru various digital platforms is advisable & recommended. Your digital platforms will carry various work history of information easily available to your social media followers thru archives.

Today's youngsters and adults spend quality time on social media platforms than reading a newspaper, watching TV or any other traditional methods of information access.

Be trendy !!!! Reach out to people digitally too and create a new wave in awareness drive.

"Old is gold but, youth is bold"

Why Social Platforms?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube are some of the well-known and widely used social media platforms among the people. Statics say that people spend 2 to 4 hours daily on social media. So why not create a strategy which will enhance your presence at a minimal cost. Essentially you will also gain attention of First Time Voters (FTV), which allows them to know & understand you better like the work you have accomplished earlier or want to do in the near future; & most importantly the difference/ area of improvement you intend to bring in the society. This digital medium will surely help you/party to have an advantage during & post elections.

"Age is just a number"


First thing is to have a dynamic website which clearly communicates your Vision & Mission. Content & Communications are the major differentiators & should be constant across channels which should be Search Engine Optimized. Secondly,setting up your Social Media Channels and gaining followers.

Thirdly, communicating on the topics that would let the users take action and which would help in better brand awareness which would bear fruit on the day of event/campaign/rally.
The above explained few of the points amongst many are necessary for digital foot prints.

So what are you waiting for?